In person tutorials

Here we have collected documentation from a selection of in-person tutorials given by GAMBIT members over the last years.

BSM^2 Workshop, September 2022

Tutorial given by Tomas Gonzalo at the BSM^2 Workshop in Aveiro.

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Tutorial 1:

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Tutorial 3:

March, 2022

On-line tutorial given by Tomas Gonzalo on how to use and write code for GAMBIT.

Dartmouth-TRIUMF HEP/Cosmo tools bootcamp 26.10.17

Tutorial given by Anders Kvellestad and Jonathan Cornell at the Dartmouth-TRIUMF HEP/Cosmo tools bootcamp.

MC4BSM, April 2018

Tutorial given by Andy Buckley at the MC4BSM 2018 workshop. This uses the GAMBIT Docker image. Link to materials ⧉.