Docker Usage

A pre-built version of GAMBIT is available as a Docker image which can be downloaded and run locally. This is useful for trying out GAMBIT and following the tutorials on this site without the need to build GAMBIT from source.

Setting up the Docker image

Install the Docker Engine

The Docker Engine is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. Follow Docker’s installation guide ⧉ to install it on your system.

Download the Docker image

The Docker image download is around 6GB. To download the Docker image, from the command line run:

docker pull gambitbsm/gambit-pippi

Then to run the Docker container run:

docker run -it gambitbsm/gambit-pippi

This will give you a bash shell with GAMBIT pre-built and ready to run. To quit this GAMBIT environment, type exit.

Using the Docker image

You will need to re-run the Docker container each time you wish to use GAMBIT. For basic guidance on how to use GAMBIT, please see the tutorials section.