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Forward declaration.


The main printer class for output to SQLite database.


DECLARE_PRINT(r, data, i, elem)

Detailed Description

Author: Ben Farmer (

Date: 2018 Dec

SQLite printer class declaration

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Macros Documentation


void _print(elem const&, const std::string&, const int, const unsigned int, const unsigned long);

Source code

//   GAMBIT: Global and Modular BSM Inference Tool
//   *********************************************
///  \file
///  SQLite printer class declaration
///  *********************************************
///  Authors (add name and date if you modify):
///  \author Ben Farmer
///          (
///  \date 2018 Dec
///  *********************************************

#ifndef __sqliteprinter_hpp__
#define __sqliteprinter_hpp__

#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <limits>
#include <sqlite3.h> // SQLite3 C interface

// Gambit
#include "gambit/Printers/baseprinter.hpp"
#include "gambit/Printers/printers/sqlitebase.hpp"
#include "gambit/Printers/printers/sqlitetypes.hpp"
#include "gambit/Utils/util_functions.hpp" // Need Utils::ci_less to make map find() functions case-insensitive, since SQLite is case insensitive

namespace Gambit
  namespace Printers

    /// The main printer class for output to SQLite database
    class SQLitePrinter : public BasePrinter, SQLiteBase
        /// Constructor (for construction via inifile options)
        SQLitePrinter(const Options&, BasePrinter* const primary = NULL);

        /// Destructor
        ~SQLitePrinter() {}

        /// Virtual function overloads:

        // Initialisation function
        // Run by dependency resolver, which supplies the functors with a vector of VertexIDs whose requiresPrinting flags are set to true.
        void initialise(const std::vector<int>&);
        void flush();
        void reset(bool force=false);
        void finalise(bool abnormal=false);

        // Get options required to construct a reader object that can read
        // the previous output of this printer.
        Options resume_reader_options();


       std::size_t get_max_buffer_length();

        ///@{ Print functions
        using BasePrinter::_print; // Tell compiler we are using some of the base class overloads of this on purpose.
        #define DECLARE_PRINT(r,data,i,elem) void _print(elem const&, const std::string&, const int, const unsigned int, const unsigned long);
        #ifndef SCANNER_STANDALONE
        #undef DECLARE_PRINT

        // Print metadata info to file
        void _print_metadata(map_str_str);


         /// Helper print functions
        // Used to reduce repetition in definitions of virtual function overloads
        // (useful since there is no automatic type conversion possible)
        // This template should work for any simple numeric type
        template<class T>
        void template_print(T const& value, const std::string& label, const int /*IDcode*/, const unsigned int mpirank, const unsigned long pointID, const std::string& col_type)
            typedef std::numeric_limits<T> lims;
            std::stringstream sdata;
            insert_data(mpirank, pointID, label, col_type, sdata.str());


        #ifdef WITH_MPI
        // Gambit MPI communicator context for use within the SQLite printer system
        GMPI::Comm myComm;

        std::size_t mpiRank;
        std::size_t mpiSize;

        // Pointer to primary printer object, for retrieving setup information.
        SQLitePrinter* primary_printer;

        // Set to record whether table columns have been created
        std::map<std::string,std::string,Utils::ci_less> column_record;

        // Last metadata ID
        std::size_t lastMetadataID;

        // Last point ID
        PPIDpair lastPointID;

        /// @{ Buffer variable

        std::size_t max_buffer_length;

        // Map from column name to (buffer column position, column type) pair
        std::map<std::string,std::pair<std::size_t,std::string>,Utils::ci_less> buffer_info;

        // "Header" vector for buffer, recording column names for each vector position
        std::vector<std::string> buffer_header;

        // Buffer for SQLite insertions. Kind of a 2D "array" of column data
        // to be transformed into one big INSERT operation once full.
        std::map<std::size_t,std::vector<std::string>> transaction_data_buffer;

        /// @}

        // Determines whether output is new row insertions, or updates previously existing rows
        bool synchronised;

        // Create results table
        void make_table(const std::string&);
        void make_metadata_table(const std::string&);

        // Check that a table column exists, and create it if needed
        void ensure_column_exists(const std::string&, const std::string&, const std::string&);

        // Create an SQL table insert operation for the current transaction_data_buffer
        // Modifies 'sql' stringstream in-place
        void turn_buffer_into_insert(std::stringstream& sql, const std::string& table);

        // Queue a table insert operation, and submit the queue if it is filled
        void insert_data(const unsigned int mpirank, const unsigned long pointID, const std::string& col_name, const std::string& col_type, const std::string& data);

        // Submit and clear insert operation queue
        void dump_buffer();
        void dump_buffer_as_INSERT();
        void dump_buffer_as_UPDATE();

        // Delete all buffer data and reset all buffer variables
        void clear_buffer();

    // Register printer so it can be constructed via inifile instructions
    // First argument is string label for inifile access, second is class from which to construct printer
    LOAD_PRINTER(sqlite, SQLitePrinter)


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