file SpecBit/ScalarSingletDM_Z3Spec_head.hpp

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structGambit::SpecTraits< SpecBit::ScalarSingletDM_Z3Spec< MI > >

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  • 2014, 2015 Jan, Feb, Mar
  • 2014, 2015 Jan, Feb, Mar
  • 2015 Mar (edited original for use with SingletDM)

“Header” declarations for ScalarSingletDM_Z3Spec class


Source code

//   GAMBIT: Global and Modular BSM Inference Tool
//   *********************************************
///  \file
///  "Header" declarations for ScalarSingletDM_Z3Spec class
///  *********************************************
///  Authors:
///  <!-- add name and date if you modify -->
///  \author Peter Athron
///          (
///  \date 2014, 2015 Jan, Feb, Mar
///  \author Ben Farmer
///          (
///  \date 2014, 2015 Jan, Feb, Mar
///  \author James McKay
///  \date 2015 Mar (edited original for use with SingletDM)
///  *********************************************

#ifndef ScalarSingletDM_Z3SPEC_HEAD_H
#define ScalarSingletDM_Z3SPEC_HEAD_H

#include "gambit/Elements/spec.hpp"
#include "gambit/Utils/util_functions.hpp"
#include "gambit/Models/SpectrumContents/RegisteredSpectra.hpp"

// Flexible SUSY stuff (should not be needed by the rest of gambit)
#include "flexiblesusy/config/config.h"

namespace Gambit
   namespace SpecBit
      template <class MI>  // "MI" for "Model_interface"
      class ScalarSingletDM_Z3Spec;

   // For example of what kind of class MI needs to be, see
   // SpecBit/include/model_files_and_boxes.hpp,
   // MODELNAME_interface class

   /// Specialisation of "traits" class used to inform Spec<T> class of what
   /// "Model" and "Input" are for this derived class
   template <class MI>
   struct SpecTraits<SpecBit::ScalarSingletDM_Z3Spec<MI>>
      static std::string name() { return "ScalarSingletDM_Z3Spec"; }
      typedef SpectrumContents::ScalarSingletDM_Z3 Contents;
      typedef typename MI::Model Model;
      typedef DummyInput Input;

   namespace SpecBit
      template <class MI>
      class ScalarSingletDM_Z3Spec : public Spec<ScalarSingletDM_Z3Spec<MI>>
            str backend_name;
            str backend_version;
            static const int _index_offset;

            /// These typedefs are inherited, but the name lookup doesn't work so smoothly in
            /// templated wrapper classes, so need to help them along:
            typedef ScalarSingletDM_Z3Spec<MI> Self;
            typedef typename Self::MTget MTget;
            typedef typename Self::MTset MTset;
            typedef typename Self::GetterMaps GetterMaps;
            typedef typename Self::SetterMaps SetterMaps;
            typedef typename SpecTraits<Self>::Model Model;
            typedef typename SpecTraits<Self>::Input Input;

            /// Interface function overrides
            static int index_offset() {return _index_offset;}
            virtual double GetScale() const;
            virtual void SetScale(double scale);
            virtual void RunToScaleOverride(double scale);

            ScalarSingletDM_Z3Spec(MI, str backend_name, str backend_version);

            //Could more constructors to interface with other generators

            // These are public for now so that SpecBit_tests.cpp can access them
            MI model_interface;

            // Dummy placeholder for potential Inputs object
            DummyInput dummyinput;

            virtual ~ScalarSingletDM_Z3Spec();

            // Functions to interface Model and Input objects with the base 'Spec' class
            Model& get_Model() { return model_interface.model; }
            Input& get_Input() { return dummyinput; /*unused here, but needs to be defined for the interface*/ }
            const Model& get_Model() const { return model_interface.model; }
            const Input& get_Input() const { return dummyinput; /*unused here, but needs to be defined for the interface*/ }

            //some model independent stuff
                                  //may use something like this to pass error to Gambit
            virtual std::string AccessError(std::string state) const;

            template<class ScalarSingletDM_Z3like>
            void get_lowe_data_from(ScalarSingletDM_Z3like &othermodel)

              typename MI::Model& model = model_interface.model;

              model.set_scale( othermodel.get_scale() );
              model.set_Yu( othermodel.get_Yu() );


            // Overload of this function to just easily copy the othermodel object
            // if it is of type Model
            void get_external_spectrum(typename MI::Model& othermodel)
              model_interface.model = othermodel;

            /// Map filler overrides
            static GetterMaps fill_getter_maps();
            static SetterMaps fill_setter_maps();


   } // end SpecBit namespace
} // end Gambit namespace

#undef MAPS
#undef MAPS1

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