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Minimal info about outputVertices.
Information in parameter queue.
Main dependency resolver.

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Dependency resolution with boost graph library

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//   GAMBIT: Global and Modular BSM Inference Tool
//   *********************************************
///  \file
///  Dependency resolution with boost graph library
///  *********************************************
///  Authors (add name and date if you modify):
///  \author Christoph Weniger
///          (
///  \date 2013 Apr, May, Jun, Jul
///  \author Pat Scott
///          (
///  \date 2013 May, Aug, Nov
///  \date 2014 Aug
///  \date 2015 May
///  \author Tomas Gonzalo
///          (
///  \date 2019 May
///  \date 2020 June
///  \date 2021 Sep
///  \author Patrick Stoecker
///          (
///  \date 2020 May
///  *********************************************

#ifndef __depresolver_hpp__
#define __depresolver_hpp__

#include <string>
#include <list>
#include <vector>
#include <map>
#include <queue>

#include "gambit/Core/core.hpp"
#include "gambit/Core/error_handlers.hpp"
#include "gambit/Core/yaml_parser.hpp"
#include "gambit/Printers/baseprinter.hpp"
#include "gambit/Elements/functors.hpp"
#include "gambit/Elements/type_equivalency.hpp"

#include <boost/graph/adjacency_list.hpp>
#include <boost/graph/topological_sort.hpp>

namespace Gambit

  namespace DRes

    using namespace boost;

    /// Typedefs for central boost graph
    /// @{
    typedef adjacency_list<vecS, vecS, bidirectionalS, functor*, vecS> MasterGraphType;
    typedef graph_traits<MasterGraphType>::vertex_descriptor VertexID;
    typedef graph_traits<MasterGraphType>::edge_descriptor EdgeID;
    typedef property_map<MasterGraphType,vertex_index_t>::type IndexMap;
    /// @}

    /// Typedefs for communication channels with the master-likelihood
    /// @{
    typedef std::map<std::string, double *> inputMapType;
    typedef std::map<std::string, std::vector<functor*> > outputMapType;
    /// @}

    /// Minimal info about outputVertices
    struct OutputVertexInfo
      VertexID vertex;
      const IniParser::ObservableType * iniEntry;

    /// A simple rule for dependency resolution (aka constraints on module and
    /// function name).
    struct Rule
      Rule(std::string function, std::string module) : function(function), module(module) {};
      Rule(IniParser::ObservableType t)
        capability = t.capability;
        type  = t.type;
        function = t.function;
        module = t.module;
        backend = t.backend;
        version = t.version;
        options = t.options;
      std::string capability;
      std::string type;
      std::string function;
      std::string module;
      std::string backend;
      std::string version;
      Options options;

    /// Information in parameter queue
    struct QueueEntry
      QueueEntry() {}
      QueueEntry(sspair a, DRes::VertexID b, int c, bool d)
        first = a;
        second = b;
        third = c;
        printme = d;
      sspair first;
      DRes::VertexID second;
      int third;
      bool printme;

    /// Check whether s1 (wildcard + regex allowed) matches s2
    bool stringComp(const str &s1, const str &s2, bool with_regex = true);

    /// Type comparison taking into account equivalence classes
    bool typeComp(str, str, const Utils::type_equivalency&, bool with_regex = true);

    /// Main dependency resolver
    class DependencyResolver
        /// Constructor, provide module and backend functor lists
        DependencyResolver(const gambit_core&, const Models::ModelFunctorClaw&, const IniParser::IniFile&, const Utils::type_equivalency&, Printers::BasePrinter&);

        /// The dependency resolution
        void doResolution();

        /// Helper function that returns a new graph with all inactive vertices removed.
        static MasterGraphType cullInactiveFunctors(MasterGraphType&);

        /// Pretty print module functor information
        void printFunctorList();

        /// Pretty print function evaluation order
        void printFunctorEvalOrder(bool toterminal=false);

        /// Print the list of required backends
        void printRequiredBackends();

        /// Collect the citation keys for backends, modules, etc
        void getCitationKeys();

        // Print citation keys
        void printCitationKeys();

        /// Retrieve the order in which target vertices are to be evaluated.
        std::vector<VertexID> getObsLikeOrder();

        /// Calculate a single target vertex.
        void calcObsLike(VertexID);

        /// Print a single target vertex.
        void printObsLike(VertexID, const int);

        /// Getter for print_timing flag (used by LikelihoodContainer)
        bool printTiming();

        /// Get the functor corresponding to a single VertexID
        functor* get_functor(VertexID);

        /// Ensure that the type of a given vertex is equivalent to at least one of a provided list, and return the matching list entry.
        str checkTypeMatch(VertexID, const str&, const std::vector<str>&);

        /// Return the result of a functor.
        template <typename TYPE>
        TYPE getObsLike(VertexID vertex)
          module_functor<TYPE>* module_ptr = dynamic_cast<module_functor<TYPE>*>(masterGraph[vertex]);
          if (module_ptr == NULL)
            str msg = "Attempted to retrieve result of " + masterGraph[vertex]->origin() + "::" +
                      masterGraph[vertex]->name() + "\nwith incorrect type.  The type should be: " +
                      masterGraph[vertex]->type() + ".";
            core_error().raise(LOCAL_INFO, msg);
          // This always accesses the 0-index result, which is the one-thread result
          // or the 'final result' when more than one thread has run the functor.
          return (*module_ptr)(0);

        const IniParser::ObservableType * getIniEntry(VertexID);

        void invalidatePointAt(VertexID, bool);

        void resetAll();

        /// Check for unused rules and options
        void checkForUnusedRules(int);
        /// Set the Scan ID
        void set_scanID();
        int scanID;

        /// Construct metadata information from used observables, rules and options
        map_str_str getMetadata();

        /// Adds list of functor pointers to master graph
        void addFunctors();

        /// Pretty print backend functor information
        str printGenericFunctorList(const std::vector<functor*>&);
        str printGenericFunctorList(const std::vector<VertexID>&);

        /// Print quantity to be resolved
        str printQuantityToBeResolved(const sspair & quantity, const DRes::VertexID & vertex);

        /// Initialise the printer object with a list of functors for it to expect to be printed.
        void initialisePrinter();

        /// Deactivate functors that are not allowed to be used with the model(s) being scanned.
        void makeFunctorsModelCompatible();

        /// Resolution of individual module function dependencies
        boost::tuple<const IniParser::ObservableType *, DRes::VertexID>
          resolveDependency(DRes::VertexID toVertex, sspair quantity);

        /// Resolution of individual module function dependencies
        DRes::VertexID resolveDependencyFromRules(const DRes::VertexID & toVertex, const sspair & quantity);

        /// Derive options from ini-entries
        Options collectIniOptions(const DRes::VertexID & vertex);

        /// Collect sub-capabilities
        Options collectSubCaps(const DRes::VertexID & vertex);

        /// Generate full dependency tree
        void generateTree(std::queue<QueueEntry> parQueue);

        /// Helper functions/arrays
        void fillParQueue(std::queue<QueueEntry> *parQueue,
            DRes::VertexID vertex);

        /// Topological sort
        std::list<VertexID> run_topological_sort();

        /// Find entries (comparison of inifile entry with quantity or functor)
        /// @{
        const IniParser::ObservableType * findIniEntry(
            sspair quantity, const IniParser::ObservablesType &, const str &);
        const IniParser::ObservableType * findIniEntry(
            DRes::VertexID toVertex, const IniParser::ObservablesType &, const str &);
        /// @}

        /// Main function for resolution of backend requirements
        void resolveVertexBackend(VertexID);

        /// Function for resolution of backends that need class loading
        void resolveVertexClassLoading(VertexID);

        /// Find backend function matching any one of a number of capability-type pairs.
        functor* solveRequirement(std::set<sspair>, const IniParser::ObservableType*, VertexID, std::vector<functor*>, bool, str group="none");

        /// Resolve a specific backend requirement.
        void resolveRequirement(functor*, VertexID);

        /// Find candidate functions that are tailor made for models that are
        /// scanned over.
        std::vector<DRes::VertexID> closestCandidateForModel(std::vector<DRes::VertexID> candidates);

        // Private data members

        /// Core to which this dependency resolver is bound
        const gambit_core *boundCore;

        /// Model claw to which this dependency resolver is bound
        const Models::ModelFunctorClaw *boundClaw;

        /// ini file to which this dependency resolver is bound
        const IniParser::IniFile *boundIniFile;

        /// Type equivalency object to which this dependency resolver is bound
        const Utils::type_equivalency *boundTEs;

        /// Printer object to which this dependency resolver is bound
        Printers::BasePrinter *boundPrinter;

        /// Output Vertex Infos
        std::vector<OutputVertexInfo> outputVertexInfos;

        /// The central boost graph object
        MasterGraphType masterGraph;

        /// Saved calling order for functions
        std::list<VertexID> function_order;

        /// Saved calling order for functions required to compute single ObsLike entries
        std::map<VertexID, std::vector<VertexID>> SortedParentVertices;

        /// Temporary map for loop manager -> list of nested functions
        std::map<VertexID, std::set<VertexID>> loopManagerMap;

        /// Map from nested function -> list of fulfilled dependencies that need
        /// to be passed on to its loop manager when it is selected
        std::map<VertexID, std::set<VertexID>> edges_to_force_on_manager;

        // Backends required to fullfil dependencies
        std::vector<std::vector<sspair> > backendsRequired;

        // List of BibTeX keys
        std::vector<str> citationKeys;

        /// Indices associated with graph vertices (used by printers to identify functors)
        IndexMap index;

        /// Output filename for graph of active functors.
        const str activeFunctorGraphFile;

        /// Global flag for triggering printing of timing data
        bool print_timing = false;

        /// Global flag for triggering printing of unitCubeParameters
        bool print_unitcube = false;
#endif /* defined(__depresolver_hpp__) */

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