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  • 2019 Mar
  • 2020 Apr
  • 2022 Jan

Declarations of containers for BBN calculations.

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#define NNUCREAC 100

define NTABMAX

#define NTABMAX 1000

Source code

//   GAMBIT: Global and Modular BSM Inference Tool
//   *********************************************
///  \file
///  Declarations of containers for BBN
///  calculations.
///  *********************************************
///  Authors (add name and date if you modify):
///  \author Janina Renk
///          (
///  \date 2019 Mar
///  \author Pat Scott
///          (
///  \date 2020 Apr
///  \author Tomas Gonzalo
///          (
///  \date 2022 Jan
///  *********************************************

#ifndef __AlterBBN_types_hpp__
#define __AlterBBN_types_hpp__

#include "gambit/Utils/util_types.hpp"

#define NNUCREAC 100
#define NTABMAX 1000

// Different versions of AlterBBN have different members of the relicparam and error structures.
// We therefore declare the structures for each version of AlterBBN in their own namespace to avoid clashes.
// We need to declare typedefs at the end within the Backends namespace too, so that the rollcall system
// does not get confused (since we choose namespace names that actually clash with those that the rollcall macros
// define themselves within the Backends namespace).

namespace Gambit

  /// Class to store all results from an AlterBBN run.
  /// This class needs to be fully defined in the header in order to prevent
  /// linking problems when building the ScannerBit standalone.
  /// -> element abundances stored in BBN_nuc (length NNUC+1),
  /// -> covariance matrix in BBN_covmat ( dim NNUC+1 x NNUC+1)
  /// -> abund_map maps name of element to position in BBN_abundance vector
  ///    see constructor of BBN_container
  class BBN_container
      /// Constructor
      BBN_container() : abund_map{{"H2",3}, {"D",3}, {"H3",4}, {"He3",5}, {"He4",6}, {"Yp",6}, {"Li6",7}, {"Li7",8}, {"Be7",9}, {"Li8",10}}

      /// Initialize sizes of vectors (get NNUC, number of computed element abundances, from AlterBBN)
      void init_arr_size(size_t nnuc)
        NNUC = nnuc;
        BBN_abund.resize(NNUC+1, 0.);
        BBN_covmat.resize(NNUC+1, std::vector<double>(NNUC+1,0.));

      /// Initialise the translation map from element name to position in abundance vector
      void set_abund_map(map_str_int map_in) {abund_map = map_in;}

      /// Setter functions for abundance vector
      void set_BBN_abund(int pos, double val) {BBN_abund[pos].central = val;}
      void set_BBN_abund(int pos, triplet<double> val) {BBN_abund[pos] = val;}

      /// Setter function for covariance matrix
      void set_BBN_covmat(int row, int col, double val) {BBN_covmat[row][col] = val;}

      /// Global parameter in AlterBBN; holds number of computed element abundances
      size_t get_NNUC() const {return NNUC;};

      /// Getter for map from isotope names to position in BBN_abundance vector
      const std::map<std::string,int>& get_abund_map() const {return abund_map;};

      /// Getter for abundance
      double get_BBN_abund(int pos) const {return BBN_abund[pos].central;}
      double get_BBN_abund_upper(int pos) const {return BBN_abund[pos].upper;}
      double get_BBN_abund_lower(int pos) const {return BBN_abund[pos].lower;}

      /// Getter for abundance
      double get_BBN_abund(str iso) const {return BBN_abund[].central;}
      double get_BBN_abund_upper(str iso) const {return BBN_abund[].upper;}
      double get_BBN_abund_lower(str iso) const {return BBN_abund[].lower;}

      /// Getter for covariance matrix
      double get_BBN_covmat(int row, int col) const {return BBN_covmat[row][col];}

      /// Setter for active isotopes
      void set_active_isotopes(std::set<str> isos)
        for (const str& s : isos)
          if (abund_map.find(s) != abund_map.end())

      /// Getter for active isotopes
      const std::set<str>& get_active_isotopes() const {return active_isotopes;}

      /// Getter for indices of active isotopes in BBN_abundance vector
      const std::set<int>& get_active_isotope_indices() const {return active_isotope_indices;}

      /// Check whether there is any non-zero upper or lower abundance
      bool has_BBN_abund_upper() const {return std::any_of(BBN_abund.begin(), BBN_abund.end(), [](triplet<double> i){return i.upper > 0;});}
      bool has_BBN_abund_lower() const {return std::any_of(BBN_abund.begin(), BBN_abund.end(), [](triplet<double> i){return i.lower > 0;});}

      size_t NNUC;
      std::vector<triplet<double>> BBN_abund;
      std::vector<std::vector<double>> BBN_covmat;
      std::map<str,int> abund_map;
      std::set<str> active_isotopes;
      std::set<int> active_isotope_indices;

  inline std::ostream& operator << (std::ostream& os, const BBN_container& bbn)
    std::set<str> isotopes = bbn.get_active_isotopes();
    for(auto it=isotopes.begin(); it!=isotopes.end(); it++)
      os << *it << ": " << bbn.get_BBN_abund(*it) << "   ";
    return os;

  // Version dependent declarations of 'relicparam' and 'errorparam' start here
  namespace AlterBBN_2_2
    /* structure containing the cosmological model parameters */
    struct relicparam
      int entropy_model,energy_model;
      double dd0,ndd,Tdend,Tddeq; // dark density
      double sd0,nsd,Tsend; // dark entropy
      double Sigmad0,nSigmad,TSigmadend; // dark entropy injection
      double Sigmarad0,nSigmarad,TSigmaradend; // standard entropy injection
      double nt0,nnt,Tnend; // non-thermal production of relics
      int coupd; // dark fluid coupling to plasma

      double quintn2,quintn3,quintn4,quintT12,quintT23,quintT34; // effective quintessence model

      int phi_model; // decaying scalar field model switch
      double eta_phi,Gamma_phi,rhot_phi_Tmax,n_phi; // eta_phi = b / m_phi
      double rhot_phi0,Tphi0;
      double T_RH;
      double Sigmatildestar;
      double Sigmatildestar_max;
      double Tstdstar_max;

      double mgravitino; // gravitino mass

      double relicmass;
      int scalar;

      int solver; // switch for linear or logarithmic differential equation solver
      int beta_samples;

      double Tfo,Tmax; // Freeze out and maximal temperature

      int full_comput; // Switch to deactivate the fast freeze out temperature determination

      double table_eff[276][3];   // Reads values from the SgStar files

      int use_table_rhoPD;
      double table_rhoPD[2][NTABMAX];
      int size_table_rhoPD;

      /* AlterBBN parameters */

      int err;
      int failsafe;               // Switch for the integration method
      double eta0;                // Initial Baryon to photon ratio
      double Nnu;                 // Number of Neutrinos (e+- included)
      double dNnu;                // Number of extra neutrinos (delta N_nu)
      double life_neutron,life_neutron_error;      // neutron lifetime
      double xinu1,xinu2,xinu3;   // [e-,neutrino], [muon,neutrino], [tau,neutrino] respectively (degeneracy parameters)
      double m_chi;               // Mass of WIMP
      double g_chi;               // dof of WIMP
      double Tinit;               // Initial temperature
      double Tnudec;              // Neutrino decoupling temperature
      int wimp;                   // Switch to enable (1) / disable (0) wimps
      int SMC_wimp;               // wimp coupling to SM particles. 1 for EM, 2 for neutrino, 3 for neutrino and equivalent neutrino
      int selfConjugate;          // 1/0 for self-conjugate/non-self-conjugate WIMP
      int fermion;
      int EM_coupled, neut_coupled, neuteq_coupled;
      double fierz;               // Fierz interference term from LQ sector
      double B_chi;               // branching ratio of WIMP DM of mass m_p < m_chi < m_n to explain tau_n anomaly
      double rhob0;               // current baryon density
      double b_cdm_ratio;         // current ratio of baryon density to cold dark matter density
      int constraints;            // 1=Yp, 2=+H2/H, 3=+Li7/H, 4=+He3/H

    struct errorparam
    /* structure containing the cosmological model parameters */
      int errnumber;              // process number for error calculation
      double random[NNUCREAC+2];  // random numbers for Monte Carlo
      double life_neutron;

  // Make sure that the frontend macros don't get confused by
  // different version-specific namespaces when trying to find the types.
  namespace Backends
    namespace AlterBBN_2_2
      typedef Gambit::AlterBBN_2_2::relicparam relicparam;
      typedef Gambit::AlterBBN_2_2::errorparam errorparam;

#endif // defined __AlterBBN_types_hpp__

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