class Gambit::SpecBit::VevaciousResultContainer

[No description available]

Public Functions

voidclear_results(const str panic_vaccum, int pathFinder_number)
voidset_results(str panic_vaccum, str name, double val)
add entries to vevacious result map
voidadd_straightPathGoodEnough(str panic_vacuum)
doubleget_width(str panic_vacuum)
doubleget_lifetime(str panic_vaccum)
doubleget_thermalProbability(str panic_vaccum)
doubleget_thermalWidth(str panic_vacuum)

Public Functions Documentation

function VevaciousResultContainer

inline VevaciousResultContainer()

function clear_results

void clear_results(
    const str panic_vaccum,
    int pathFinder_number

delete all entries of the vevacious results map and set lifetime, probability and all entries of bounceActionThreshould vectors to -1 to be able to easily filter out points for which vevacious did not run successfully

function set_results

void set_results(
    str panic_vaccum,
    str name,
    double val

add entries to vevacious result map

function add_straightPathGoodEnough

void add_straightPathGoodEnough(
    str panic_vacuum

add information to vevacious result map whether the action of drawing a straight path between the physical & panic vacuum is already below the action threshold.

function get_nearest_results

inline map_str_dbl get_nearest_results()

function get_global_results

inline map_str_dbl get_global_results()

function get_width

inline double get_width(
    str panic_vacuum

function get_lifetime

inline double get_lifetime(
    str panic_vaccum

function get_thermalProbability

inline double get_thermalProbability(
    str panic_vaccum

function get_thermalWidth

inline double get_thermalWidth(
    str panic_vacuum

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