class Gambit::SpecBit::SpectrumEntriesForVevacious

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#include <SpecBit_types.hpp>

Public Functions

voidset_scale(double inScale)
voidset_inputPath(std::string inPath)
voidset_inputFilename(std::string inFile)
voidadd_entry(std::string name, vec_pair_int_dbl vec, int dimension)

Detailed Description

class Gambit::SpecBit::SpectrumEntriesForVevacious;

class for setting & storing all spectrum entries of type SpectrumEntry that need to be passed to vevacious (scale, input filenames & paths as well as spectrum entries) passed to vevacious before calling it

Public Functions Documentation

function SpectrumEntriesForVevacious

inline SpectrumEntriesForVevacious()

function set_scale

inline void set_scale(
    double inScale

function set_inputPath

inline void set_inputPath(
    std::string inPath

function set_inputFilename

inline void set_inputFilename(
    std::string inFile

function get_scale

inline double get_scale()

function get_inputFilename

inline std::string get_inputFilename()

function get_inputPath

inline std::string get_inputPath()

function add_entry

void add_entry(
    std::string name,
    vec_pair_int_dbl vec,
    int dimension

add a SpectrumEntry type to the ‘spec_entry_map’ map. GAMBIT will iterate through it and pass all contents to vevacious before it is called.

function get_spec_entry_map

inline map_str_SpectrumEntry get_spec_entry_map()

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