class Gambit::SMea

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#include <SMSimpleSpec.hpp>

Inherits from Gambit::SLHAeaModel

Public Functions

SMea(const SLHAea::Coll & input)
Constructor via SLHAea object.
doubleget_MZ_pole() const
Getters for SM information.
doubleget_Mtop_pole() const
doubleget_MbMb() const
doubleget_McMc() const
doubleget_Mtau_pole() const
doubleget_Mmuon_pole() const
doubleget_Melectron_pole() const
doubleget_Mnu1_pole() const
doubleget_Mnu2_pole() const
doubleget_Mnu3_pole() const
doubleget_MPhoton_pole() const
doubleget_MGluon_pole() const
doubleget_MPhoton() const
doubleget_MGluon() const
doubleget_MW_pole() const
doubleget_sinthW2_pole() const
doubleget_MW_unc() const
doubleget_md() const
Running masses.
doubleget_mu() const
doubleget_ms() const
doubleget_mD(int i) const
doubleget_mU(int i) const
doubleget_alpha() const
doubleget_alphaS() const

Additional inherited members

Public Functions inherited from Gambit::SLHAeaModel

SLHAeaModel(const SLHAea::Coll & input)
Constructor via SLHAea object.
intslha_version() const
Get the SLHA version of the internal SLHAea object.
const SLHAea::Coll &get_slhaea() const
Get the internal SLHAea object.
const std::map< int, int > &PDG_translator() const
PDG code translation map, for special cases where an SLHA file has been read in and the PDG codes changed.
doublegetdata(const std::string & block, int index) const
Helper functions to do error checking for SLHAea object contents.
doublegetdata(const std::string & block, int i, int j) const
Two indices.
boolcheckdata(const std::string & block, int index) const

Protected Attributes inherited from Gambit::SLHAeaModel

SLHAea object.
SLHA version of SLHAea object.
std::map< int, int >PDG_translation_map
PDG translation map (e.g. from SLHA1 to SLHA2 for MSSMskeleton)

Detailed Description

class Gambit::SMea;

Skeleton “model” class which interacts with an SLHAea object Some common functions defined in base class

Public Functions Documentation

function SMea



Member functions for SLHAeaModel class.

Default Constructor

function SMea

    const SLHAea::Coll & input

Constructor via SLHAea object.

function get_MZ_pole

double get_MZ_pole() const

Getters for SM information.

Pole masses

function get_Mtop_pole

double get_Mtop_pole() const

function get_MbMb

double get_MbMb() const

function get_McMc

double get_McMc() const

function get_Mtau_pole

double get_Mtau_pole() const

function get_Mmuon_pole

double get_Mmuon_pole() const

function get_Melectron_pole

double get_Melectron_pole() const

function get_Mnu1_pole

double get_Mnu1_pole() const

function get_Mnu2_pole

double get_Mnu2_pole() const

function get_Mnu3_pole

double get_Mnu3_pole() const

function get_MPhoton_pole

double get_MPhoton_pole() const

function get_MGluon_pole

double get_MGluon_pole() const

function get_MPhoton

double get_MPhoton() const

function get_MGluon

double get_MGluon() const

function get_MW_pole

double get_MW_pole() const

function get_sinthW2_pole

double get_sinthW2_pole() const

function get_MW_unc

double get_MW_unc() const

function get_md

double get_md() const

Running masses.

function get_mu

double get_mu() const

function get_ms

double get_ms() const

function get_mD

double get_mD(
    int i
) const

function get_mU

double get_mU(
    int i
) const

function get_alpha

double get_alpha() const

function get_alphaS

double get_alphaS() const

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