class Gambit::Scanner::resume_params_func

class to interface with the plugin manager resume functions.

#include <plugin_defs.hpp>

Public Functions

resume_params_func(const std::string & name_in)
std::stringget_name() const
voidset_resume_mode(const bool & mode)
boolresume_mode() const
std::stringget_temp_file_name(const std::string & temp_file)
intRank() const
intNumTasks() const
template <typename… T>
operator()(T &… params)

Public Functions Documentation

function resume_params_func

inline resume_params_func(
    const std::string & name_in

function get_name

inline std::string get_name() const

function set_resume_mode

inline void set_resume_mode(
    const bool & mode

function resume_mode

inline bool resume_mode() const

function get_temp_file_name

inline std::string get_temp_file_name(
    const std::string & temp_file

function dump

inline void dump()

function Rank

inline int Rank() const

function NumTasks

inline int NumTasks() const

function operator()

template <typename... T>
inline void operator()(
    T &... params

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