class Gambit::Printers::HDF5DataSetBasic

Constructable class for doing basic operations on a HDF5 dataset.

#include <hdf5printer_v2.hpp>

Inherits from Gambit::Printers::HDF5DataSetBase

Public Functions

HDF5DataSetBasic(const std::string & name)
HDF5DataSetBasic member functions.
virtual voidcreate_dataset(hid_t location_id)

Additional inherited members

Public Functions inherited from Gambit::Printers::HDF5DataSetBase

HDF5DataSetBase(const std::string & name, const hid_t hdftype_id)
HDF5DataSetBase member functions.
HDF5DataSetBase(const std::string & name)
Version where type is not provided; set to default of -1.
voidopen_dataset(hid_t location_id)
Open dataset on disk and obtain HDF5 handles.
Close dataset on disk and release handles.
std::size_tget_dset_length() const
Retrieve the current size of the dataset on disk.
booldataset_exists(const hid_t loc_id)
Check if our dataset exists on disk with the required name at the given location.
voidensure_dataset_exists(const hid_t loc_id, const std::size_t length)
Ensure that a correctly named dataset exists at the target location with the specified length.
voidextend_dset_to(const std::size_t new_size)
Extend dataset to the specified size, filling it with default values.
std::stringmyname() const
Retrieve name of the dataset we are supposed to access.
intget_type_id() const
Retrieve the integer type ID for this dataset.
hid_tget_hdftype_id() const
Retrieve the HDF5 type ID for this dataset.
boolget_exists_on_disk() const
Variable tracking whether the dataset is known to exist in the output file yet.

Protected Functions inherited from Gambit::Printers::HDF5DataSetBase

voidensure_dataset_is_open() const
Enforce that the dataset must be open for whatever follows (or else an error is thrown)
hid_tget_dset_id() const
Retrieve the dataset ID for the currently open dataset.
voidextend_dset_by(const std::size_t extend_by)
Set the variable that tracks the (virtual) dataset size on disk.
std::pair< hid_t, hid_t >select_hyperslab(std::size_t offset, std::size_t length) const
Obtain memory and dataspace identifiers for writing to a hyperslab in the dataset.

Protected Attributes inherited from Gambit::Printers::HDF5DataSetBase

HDF5 dataset identifer.
HDF5 type ID for this dataset.
Integer identifier for the template type of this dataset (determined by derived type)

Public Functions Documentation

function HDF5DataSetBasic

    const std::string & name

HDF5DataSetBasic member functions.

function create_dataset

virtual void create_dataset(
    hid_t location_id

Reimplements: Gambit::Printers::HDF5DataSetBase::create_dataset

Create a new dataset at the specified location (implemented in derived class since need to know the type)

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