class Gambit::omp_safe_ptr

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#include <util_types.hpp>

Inherits from Gambit::safe_ptr< TYPE >

Public Functions

omp_safe_ptr(TYPE * in_ptr =NULL)
virtual const TYPE &operator*() const
Dereference pointer.

Additional inherited members

Public Functions inherited from Gambit::safe_ptr< TYPE >

safe_ptr(TYPE * in_ptr =NULL)
virtual voidset(TYPE * in_ptr)
Set pointer.
virtual const TYPE &operator[](int index) const
Dereference pointer as if it is an array.
virtual const TYPE *operator->() const
Access is allowed to const member functions only.
virtual boolisNull() const

Protected Functions inherited from Gambit::safe_ptr< TYPE >

Failure message invoked when the user tries to dereference a null safe_ptr.

Protected Attributes inherited from Gambit::safe_ptr< TYPE >

const TYPE *ptr
The actual underlying pointer, interpreted as a pointer to constant value.

Detailed Description

template <typename TYPE >
class Gambit::omp_safe_ptr;

A safe pointer designed to point at an array, and return the entry in that array corresponding to the current OpenMP thread.

Public Functions Documentation

function omp_safe_ptr

inline omp_safe_ptr(
    TYPE * in_ptr =NULL


function operator*

inline virtual const TYPE & operator*() const

Dereference pointer.

Reimplements: Gambit::safe_ptr::operator*

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