class Gambit::Models::DMsimpVectorMedMajoranaDMModel

Simple DMsimpVectorMedMajoranaDM model object.

#include <DMsimpVectorMedMajoranaDMSimpleSpec.hpp>

Inherits from Gambit::SLHAeaModel

Public Functions

DMsimpVectorMedMajoranaDMModel(const SLHAstruct & input)
doubleget_gAXm() const
Getters for DMsimpVectorMedMajoranaDM information.
doubleget_gVq() const
doubleget_vev() const
doubleget_g1() const
doubleget_g2() const
doubleget_g3() const
doubleget_sinW2() const
doubleget_Yd(int i, int j) const
doubleget_Yu(int i, int j) const
doubleget_Ye(int i, int j) const
doubleget_h0_1PoleMass() const
doubleget_h0_1PoleMass_1srd_low() const
doubleget_h0_1PoleMass_1srd_high() const
doubleget_XmPoleMass() const
doubleget_XmPoleMass_1srd_low() const
doubleget_XmPoleMass_1srd_high() const
doubleget_Y1PoleMass() const
doubleget_Y1PoleMass_1srd_low() const
doubleget_Y1PoleMass_1srd_high() const

Public Attributes

Default uncertainty.

Additional inherited members

Public Functions inherited from Gambit::SLHAeaModel

SLHAeaModel(const SLHAea::Coll & input)
Constructor via SLHAea object.
intslha_version() const
Get the SLHA version of the internal SLHAea object.
const SLHAea::Coll &get_slhaea() const
Get the internal SLHAea object.
const std::map< int, int > &PDG_translator() const
PDG code translation map, for special cases where an SLHA file has been read in and the PDG codes changed.
doublegetdata(const std::string & block, int index) const
Helper functions to do error checking for SLHAea object contents.
doublegetdata(const std::string & block, int i, int j) const
Two indices.
boolcheckdata(const std::string & block, int index) const

Protected Attributes inherited from Gambit::SLHAeaModel

SLHAea object.
SLHA version of SLHAea object.
std::map< int, int >PDG_translation_map
PDG translation map (e.g. from SLHA1 to SLHA2 for MSSMskeleton)

Public Functions Documentation

function DMsimpVectorMedMajoranaDMModel

inline DMsimpVectorMedMajoranaDMModel(
    const SLHAstruct & input


function get_gAXm

inline double get_gAXm() const

Getters for DMsimpVectorMedMajoranaDM information.

function get_gVq

inline double get_gVq() const

function get_vev

inline double get_vev() const

function get_g1

inline double get_g1() const

function get_g2

inline double get_g2() const

function get_g3

inline double get_g3() const

function get_sinW2

inline double get_sinW2() const

function get_Yd

inline double get_Yd(
    int i,
    int j
) const

function get_Yu

inline double get_Yu(
    int i,
    int j
) const

function get_Ye

inline double get_Ye(
    int i,
    int j
) const

function get_h0_1PoleMass

inline double get_h0_1PoleMass() const

function get_h0_1PoleMass_1srd_low

inline double get_h0_1PoleMass_1srd_low() const

function get_h0_1PoleMass_1srd_high

inline double get_h0_1PoleMass_1srd_high() const

function get_XmPoleMass

inline double get_XmPoleMass() const

function get_XmPoleMass_1srd_low

inline double get_XmPoleMass_1srd_low() const

function get_XmPoleMass_1srd_high

inline double get_XmPoleMass_1srd_high() const

function get_Y1PoleMass

inline double get_Y1PoleMass() const

function get_Y1PoleMass_1srd_low

inline double get_Y1PoleMass_1srd_low() const

function get_Y1PoleMass_1srd_high

inline double get_Y1PoleMass_1srd_high() const

Public Attributes Documentation

variable default_uncert

double default_uncert = 0.3;

Default uncertainty.

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