class Gambit::DecayBit::SM_Z::TwoLoop

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Public Functions

doublegamma_e() const
(Z)-boson observables at two-loop and the residual theory errors
doublegamma_mu() const
doublegamma_tau() const
doublegamma_nu_e() const
doublegamma_nu_mu() const
doublegamma_inv() const
doublegamma_nu_tau() const
doublegamma_u() const
doublegamma_c() const
doublegamma_t() const
doublegamma_d() const
doublegamma_s() const
doublegamma_b() const
doublegamma_total() const
doubleerror_gamma_e() const
doubleerror_gamma_mu() const
doubleerror_gamma_tau() const
doubleerror_gamma_nu_e() const
doubleerror_gamma_nu_mu() const
doubleerror_gamma_inv() const
doubleerror_gamma_nu_tau() const
doubleerror_gamma_u() const
doubleerror_gamma_c() const
doubleerror_gamma_t() const
doubleerror_gamma_d() const
doubleerror_gamma_s() const
doubleerror_gamma_b() const
doubleerror_gamma_total() const
doubleBR_e() const
doubleBR_mu() const
doubleBR_tau() const
doubleBR_nu_e() const
doubleBR_nu_mu() const
doubleBR_inv() const
doubleBR_nu_tau() const
doubleBR_u() const
doubleBR_c() const
doubleBR_t() const
doubleBR_d() const
doubleBR_s() const
doubleBR_b() const
doubleerror_BR_e() const
doubleerror_BR_mu() const
doubleerror_BR_tau() const
doubleerror_BR_nu_e() const
doubleerror_BR_nu_mu() const
doubleerror_BR_inv() const
doubleerror_BR_nu_tau() const
doubleerror_BR_u() const
doubleerror_BR_c() const
doubleerror_BR_t() const
doubleerror_BR_d() const
doubleerror_BR_s() const
doubleerror_BR_b() const
doubleRl() const
doubleRc() const
doubleRb() const
doubleerror_Rl() const
doubleerror_Rc() const
doubleerror_Rb() const
doublesigma_0_had() const
doubleerror_sigma_0_had() const
TwoLoop(double mh_OS =hat.mh_OS, double mt_OS =hat.mt_OS, double MZ_OS =hat.MZ_OS, double alpha_s_MSbar_MZ =hat.alpha_s_MSbar_MZ, double delta_alpha_OS =hat.delta_alpha_OS)

Public Attributes


Public Functions Documentation

function gamma_e

inline double gamma_e() const

(Z)-boson observables at two-loop and the residual theory errors

Warning: Do not apply any corrections outside the range of validity in p5

function gamma_mu

inline double gamma_mu() const

function gamma_tau

inline double gamma_tau() const

function gamma_nu_e

inline double gamma_nu_e() const

function gamma_nu_mu

inline double gamma_nu_mu() const

function gamma_inv

inline double gamma_inv() const

function gamma_nu_tau

inline double gamma_nu_tau() const

function gamma_u

inline double gamma_u() const

function gamma_c

inline double gamma_c() const

function gamma_t

inline double gamma_t() const

function gamma_d

inline double gamma_d() const

function gamma_s

inline double gamma_s() const

function gamma_b

inline double gamma_b() const

function gamma_total

inline double gamma_total() const

function error_gamma_e

inline double error_gamma_e() const

function error_gamma_mu

inline double error_gamma_mu() const

function error_gamma_tau

inline double error_gamma_tau() const

function error_gamma_nu_e

inline double error_gamma_nu_e() const

function error_gamma_nu_mu

inline double error_gamma_nu_mu() const

function error_gamma_inv

inline double error_gamma_inv() const

function error_gamma_nu_tau

inline double error_gamma_nu_tau() const

function error_gamma_u

inline double error_gamma_u() const

function error_gamma_c

inline double error_gamma_c() const

function error_gamma_t

inline double error_gamma_t() const

function error_gamma_d

inline double error_gamma_d() const

function error_gamma_s

inline double error_gamma_s() const

function error_gamma_b

inline double error_gamma_b() const

function error_gamma_total

inline double error_gamma_total() const

function BR_e

inline double BR_e() const

function BR_mu

inline double BR_mu() const

function BR_tau

inline double BR_tau() const

function BR_nu_e

inline double BR_nu_e() const

function BR_nu_mu

inline double BR_nu_mu() const

function BR_inv

inline double BR_inv() const

function BR_nu_tau

inline double BR_nu_tau() const

function BR_u

inline double BR_u() const

function BR_c

inline double BR_c() const

function BR_t

inline double BR_t() const

function BR_d

inline double BR_d() const

function BR_s

inline double BR_s() const

function BR_b

inline double BR_b() const

function error_BR_e

inline double error_BR_e() const

function error_BR_mu

inline double error_BR_mu() const

function error_BR_tau

inline double error_BR_tau() const

function error_BR_nu_e

inline double error_BR_nu_e() const

function error_BR_nu_mu

inline double error_BR_nu_mu() const

function error_BR_inv

inline double error_BR_inv() const

function error_BR_nu_tau

inline double error_BR_nu_tau() const

function error_BR_u

inline double error_BR_u() const

function error_BR_c

inline double error_BR_c() const

function error_BR_t

inline double error_BR_t() const

function error_BR_d

inline double error_BR_d() const

function error_BR_s

inline double error_BR_s() const

function error_BR_b

inline double error_BR_b() const

function Rl

inline double Rl() const

function Rc

inline double Rc() const

function Rb

inline double Rb() const

function error_Rl

inline double error_Rl() const

function error_Rc

inline double error_Rc() const

function error_Rb

inline double error_Rb() const

function sigma_0_had

inline double sigma_0_had() const

function error_sigma_0_had

inline double error_sigma_0_had() const

function nuisances_outside_ranges

inline bool nuisances_outside_ranges()

Whether nuisance parameters are outside the ranges of validity in p5

function TwoLoop

inline TwoLoop(
    double mh_OS =hat.mh_OS,
    double mt_OS =hat.mt_OS,
    double MZ_OS =hat.MZ_OS,
    double alpha_s_MSbar_MZ =hat.alpha_s_MSbar_MZ,
    double delta_alpha_OS =hat.delta_alpha_OS

mh_OSHiggs mass in OS scheme

mt_OSTop quark mass in OS scheme

MZ_OS(Z)-mass in OS scheme

alpha_s_MSbar_MZStrong coupling in MS-bar scheme at (Q = M_Z)

delta_alpha_OS(\Delta\alpha) parameter in OS scheme. Defined on p9

Public Attributes Documentation

variable mh_OS

double mh_OS;

variable mt_OS

double mt_OS;

variable MZ_OS

double MZ_OS;

variable alpha_s_MSbar_MZ

double alpha_s_MSbar_MZ;

variable delta_alpha_OS

double delta_alpha_OS;

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